Why LCD Monitors Are Far better Than CRT

This article explains the distinctions between plasma versus LCD TVs, then shows you getting the best price for a plasma or LCD TV SET.Related image

A plasma TV screen involves millions of multi-colored gas-filled cells. When electricity passes through the tissue they light up and produce a picture. Flat screen lg tv repair essex screens have a much higher resolution than tube TV screens. Inside fact, the picture is so clear it’s like watching a scene through a window.

LCD (light crystal display) TV screens contain a thin layer of liquid crystals sandwiched between two glass plates. Whenever an electricity is directed through the crystals an array of tiny multi-colored pixels light up to create a picture. LCD TV screens are thinner and lighter than plasma screens. They are the most popular screens for personal computers, and are quickly gaining popularity as TV screens.

LCD TV screens are anywhere from 1/4″ to 4″ thick and 2″ to 65″ wide. When it comes to which type of TV screen is sharper and shows more detail, plasma TVs have a small edge over LCD TVs, though LCD TVs are catching up.

Plasma Televisions are also slightly better when it comes to viewing angle – how far you can sit to one side of a TV screen before display quality is affected.

Screen a lot more the number of several hours a TV provides before the picture starts to fade. Plasma TVs have a screen life of about 30, 000 to 60, 00 hours, with respect to the make and model, while LCD TV’s have a screen life of sixty, 000 hours or more.

Plasma TVs are also subject to “burn in. ” This occurs when a TV displays a still image long enough for a ghost of that image to be burned up into the screen. FLATSCREEN TVs do not have this issue.

Both plasma and LCD TVs display HIGH DEFINITION (high definition) signals for a sharper, more three dimensional picture. LCD TVs, however, have a a bit higher resolution (more screen pixels) then plasma Televisions.

Plasma and LCD Televisions are both great for video gaming, however because of plasma TV’s tendency in the direction of screen burn in, an LCD TV is the better choice if you play a lot of movie games.

LCD TVs are thinner and lighter than plasma TVs, which makes them much easier to move and much easier to attach on a wall. With regards to which type of TELEVISION gives you the most bang for the buck, it is determined by what if you’re looking for.

If most likely buying large-screen TV – 42″ or larger – plasma TVs are currently cheaper than than similar-sized LCD TVs. When I actually recently compared prices on 42″ TVs, the least expensive lcd TV was $999, while the cheapest LCD TV SET was $1, 367.

When it comes to mid-size TVs, I couldn’t find plasma TVs smaller than 42. ” The cheapest 32″ LCD TELEVISION I found was $619, as the cheapest 27″ LCD TV was $550.

LCD TVs are among the hottest electronic products currently available. But, boy, are they expensive, with prices starting at around $900 for a high quality LCD TV. And some LCD have recently been know to poop out after simply a couple of months use.

So how do you find a good quality LCD TELEVISION at the best possible price? Here’s the secret… FLATSCREEN (light crystal display) Televisions are made of a thin layer of liquid deposits sandwiched between two discs made of glass. Any time electricity passes through the colored crystals they light up to make a picture.