The 5 Most Popular Loans With Cre-Loan: Is Your Loan Included?

Credit is not equal to credit. The conditions can be different, but above all, the purpose. For example, there are car loans, holiday loans or furniture loans. For this article, we have summarized the five most popular types of credit at Crediter.

5th place: financing of consumer goods

Many things that make life more beautiful, enjoyable or exciting cost a lot of money: a new TV, household appliances or a pretty garden shed, for example. These and many other acquisitions finance our customers with a credit over cre – credit. Sometimes enough for a small loan of 500 or 1,000 euros, but often it is synonymous to slightly larger loan amounts to about 5,000 euros.

4th place: weddings and holidays

4th place: weddings and holidays

The most beautiful day in life is unfortunately often the most expensive. Almost everyone knows this, who has already dealt with the costs of a wedding and the subsequent celebration. From the wedding rings to the bridal gown to the rental of the lounging and the catering, the round of items that need to be financed suffices. Many couples who want to give the yes, do not have the required sum “on the high edge” and therefore opt for a wedding credit with Crediter. Another nice experience can be paid with a loan quite easily in small installments: a dream vacation. Vacation loans are very popular with our customers. They offer the unbeatable advantage that you can easily afford even more expensive travel – and that still enough money remains in the travel fund.

3rd place: Replacement of old loans

3rd place: Replacement of old loans

Lending rates have dropped noticeably in recent years. So it happens that many old contracts are too expensive by today’s standards. With the replacement of the old (expensive) loan with a cheap new financing, you can save money each month. Thousands of Crediter customers use this option. They also benefit from the possibility of combining all current charges as part of a rescheduling. After that, they no longer pay in two, three or more jobs, but only afford a manageable rate every month.

2nd place: Loans for relocation and renovation

The increased significance of one’s own four walls as a retreat and oasis of well-being is also reflected in the credit statistics at Crediter. Loans that finance the move to a new home or the beautification of the existing home now make it to second place. For example, when you move, you can use the money to pay for the deposit, the cost of moving furniture and new purchases (kitchen, sofa, bed, etc.). Remodeling projects (for example, a new bathroom, a more comfortable living room or a private kingdom for the children) are easily feasible with a renovation loan.

1st place: car loan

Buying a new or used car is by far the most common reason customers ask Crediter for a loan. The car loan is available as conventional financing and as a car loan without private credit (up to a maximum of 7,500 euros). Thanks to fair interest rates, our car loan is often an attractive alternative to the financing that the dealer offers. And: Commitments are possible through our banking partners even with negative private credit – even if others have previously rejected.

For all mentioned (and also all other) loans applies: You can ask for credit without advance payment and never need to pay a penny in advance. You will receive your free offer as soon as possible by mail and by post.