Take credit over the Internet – you need to know this rule

You can take a loan quickly and easily over the Internet. However, by no means every offer is serious. We reveal how you can take credit online and what is really important.

The most important rule: No initial costs

No matter what loan amount you need and whether you are looking for a regular loan or a loan without private credit – the basic rule number one is always and without exception: Do not accept pre-payments!

In Germany there are legal regulations, according to which a credit inquiry and a loan offer must not be connected with costs. Unfortunately, in the anonymity of the Internet but diverse providers who take it with the rules are not so accurate. They simply override the applicable law or use the paragraphs tricky to their advantage.

As a consumer you should never get involved in dubious loan offers. If you should receive your (alleged) credit documents after paying a pre-invoice or only against expensive cash on delivery, you better keep your fingers off the offer.

Rule number two: read it carefully

If you want to take a loan online, you are often in a hurry. Often, unpaid bills are already piling up and the account is overdrawn. Therefore, we are happy about anyone who promises quick help.

But even under time pressure applies: Read exactly what a credit intermediary submits to you before you sign. If you do not understand something, ask. And be careful, for example, that they do not accuse you of a “financial rehabilitation” even though you actually want to have a loan.

Rule number three: Compare offers (let)

The differences between cheap and expensive loans are enormous. So you do not pay, you have to find a really cheap loan. Comparative portals like Crediter help with this. Here you only have to make a single request, but the credit consultants compare the terms of up to 20 different banks – and this is private credit neutral. So you can be sure that you are not paying too much for your loan. Even if you have little time, you can find the optimal loan with Crediter.