Loan search conveniently from home

As easy and convenient as today, you never got credit before. Forget about time-consuming appointments at the bank and annoying conversations with your bad-tempered financial advisor. The search for credit in 2018 is relaxed and uncomplicated.

In the past, the house bank was almost “automatically” the point of contact if you needed a loan. Quite awe-inspiring interviews and very unpleasant discussions awaited the applicant there. And at the very end there was – maybe – the vague prospect of a loan.

From the first request for an appointment to the disbursement of the loan amount to the account it could well take some weeks in former times. Since there were virtually no alternatives, you had to put up with the extremely slow processing of his loan request, either.

Loan search via the Internet

Loan search via the Internet

Nowadays, fortunately, the situation is completely different. If you are looking for a loan here and now, then you are no longer dependent on the goodwill of your bank. Instead, you can get fresh money wherever you want. The internet opens up a thousand possibilities.

At Crediter, we make every effort to make it as easy and comfortable as possible for you to take out a loan. It starts with our online request: It takes little more than five minutes to send your loan request.

You can also count on the next steps in minutes rather than hours (let alone days): In many cases, you will receive an initial assessment of your credit chances within minutes of receiving your credit request. And after a few hours you will often find a concrete offer in your mailbox. Up to this point you did not have to leave the house once, you did not have to make an appointment – and, of course, you did not pay a penny.

If you like your free loan offer, sign the loan agreement and send it back to us. Afterwards, the financing bank pays out your loan within a very short time. And if you have a question, you can reach your friendly credit expert at any time by email or by phone.