Instant loan in 48 hours?

Fast help in finding a loan is promised by many providers. But who can really keep his promise?

The best answer to this question can be borrowers who have already received their loan. You can tell first-hand about their experiences – and then separates very quickly the chaff from the wheat.

Experience with Bon Loan

In the meantime, more than 8,000 customers report on their experiences with e -credit alone at the independent eRoad rating portal. These testimonials provide a very complete picture of how Crediter really works.

Fast credit in 48 hours

Just a few days ago, a satisfied customer, who is an example to many others, praised the special pace of credit processing at Crediter. He wrote:

“It went very fast after 48 hours, I received the payoff really top.”

"It went very fast after 48 hours, I received the payoff really top."

From the free loan request to the payment of the desired loan so just two days have passed – and this is not an isolated case. Even if documents have to be requested and questions have to be clarified, the complete processing often takes only four or five working days.

Fast and friendly help

Fast and friendly help

The Crediter team will help you as soon as possible. The friendly credit experts set every lever in motion to realize your desired financing. And of course you always have a personal contact person for your questions about the loan.