Credit without private credit – or better with private credit? That’s how you decide

If there is no credit at the bank, then many consumers have quickly identified a “culprit”: it is their “bad private credit” that makes borrowing seemingly impossible. Logically, that then a loan without private credit as a possible way into focus. But the experience of crediter from more than 45 years shows: Very often, no credit without private credit is required if there are a few blemishes in the private credit information. Instead, a conventional loan can often be realized at significantly better terms.

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The prerequisite for a loan despite private credit: You need to know where to get such funding and what are the conditions to be met. crediter, as an experienced credit broker, has exactly this knowledge – and you, as a loan applicant, can benefit from this knowledge without any cost-in-advance. With your free request you secure access to up to 20 different offers from different lenders. The banking partners of crediter are located in Germany and abroad, and are characterized by special credit criteria.

Probably the most important difference to many “conventional” banks: Negative private credit features are not per se a reason for rejecting the loan request. The banks know that the private credit information can never be more than an incomplete look into the past. By contrast, the private credit information says nothing about the situation in the here and now. Existing wealth, current income and many other factors are completely disregarded. However, the verifiable salary is actually the decisive criterion when borrowing. If the monthly remittances from the employer are high enough to pay the running costs and additionally the envisaged credit installment, in principle nothing stands in the way of a financing. This also applies to the bank partners of crediter explicitly, even if there are negative private credit entries.

“Normal” loans are always cheaper compared to non-private credit financing. The reason: abandoning the private credit query implies greater risk for the financing bank, and this risk is translated into higher interest rates. crediter claims to always find the cheapest and best credit for you. That’s why regular loans are always the first choice, whereas non-scholarly loans are Plan B.

If another loan is currently not feasible for you, our credit experts are happy to offer you a loan without private credit as an alternative. Such funding is possible over 3,500, 5,000 and 7,500 euros.