Cost trap for the loan? Not with crediter. Inquiry 100% free.

A credit inquiry is always free? It should be so. Unfortunately, the situation with some online providers, however, looks very different: As advance fees are calculated or alleged loan documents come by expensive cash on delivery. Crediter distances itself from such cost traps and guarantees that each request will be processed completely free of charge.

Offer and loan documents free of charge

If you ask Crediter for a loan, then you will receive your custom quote free of charge by mail and by post. You will receive a signed credit agreement from the best bank for you and you do not have to pay a penny in advance. Of course, the requirement of your offer does not obligate you to anything. If you would like to withdraw the loan, return the signed loan agreement and, if necessary, necessary documents such as earnings statements. On the other hand, if you do not want to use the financing, simply throw away the offer. Already the thing is done for you, and in this case, there are of course no costs.

Protection against cost traps at other providers

In addition to credit offer many other credit intermediaries on the Internet their services. We know that we do not have to hide from the competition and say: the better should win! “The Better” is the one who can get you the loan you want on the cheapest terms. However, it is important that everyone stick to the rules. And from our point of view the most important rule is: There must never be any pre-cost. Therefore, in your own interest with other providers on unmistakable signals that clearly indicate a cost trap:

You will receive a payment request, a “fee notification” or similar. and should transfer a certain amount so that your request can be processed. Our tip: Never pay even a penny in advance and stop the contact immediately!
You are promised a speedy loan payment and announced the shipment of the necessary documents by cash on delivery. There are three-digit sums of money moving quickly to the postman, which you can hardly get back. Our tip: Do not pay cash on delivery and refuse to accept the shipment!

You are urged to a quick signature. Some providers rely on very complex correspondence and complicated formulations that hardly understands a layman. At the same time they put pressure on their customers and demand a quick signature.

Our tip: Never push for anything and sign anything that is unclear to you.