Do you fancy another car? Or are the repairs to your “old person” simply no longer worthwhile? Then this is the right time to search for another vehicle and find a suitable car loan.

Credit for your car bargain in the fall

Credit for your car bargain in the fall

Just in time for the beginning of autumn, the season starts at car dealerships: many new and used models are now available at particularly attractive prices. The big online exchanges make the comparison of different offers very easy. And so it usually does not take long for prospective buyers to find the right vehicle from a dealer of their choice.

What is missing then is a cheap financing. Of course, most car dealers also have a financing offer in their car – but neither are the conditions here particularly favorable nor are the loans for all interested parties to have. Most of the credits come from large banks that have very rigid rules for the commitment. Even the slightest flaws in the private credit information can lead to an immediate cancellation. And if there is a loan, then often very high interest rates must be accepted.

So you get your car loan with and without private credit

A really attractive financing over cre credit is there usually the more meaningful way. We show you the five steps to your car loan.

Step 1: Determine the amount of funding

First, find out how much money you need. The sum essentially results from the purchase price of your vehicle. You may also plan to spend another 1,000 to 2,000 euros to create a reserve on the account.

Step 2: Your Free Car Financing Request

At what conditions can you get the desired car loan? Your free request via Crediter will give you the answer. Completing the online form takes only about five minutes. Here you will get directly to the free request, with which you of course make no commitment.

Step 3: Our experts are looking for the best loan for you

Your car loan request will be processed immediately by one of our experts. The experts choose the best out of up to 20 different offers.

Step 4: You receive and review your personal loan offer

As soon as the search for the ideal loan has ended for you, you will receive your individually created loan proposal, first by e-mail and at the same time also by post. You therefore have all the documents on the table that you need for the examination of the financing proposal. You can look at everything and take as much time as you want.

Step 5: You call for your car finance

If you are confident that you want the loan, please return the signed loan agreement along with any necessary documents such as proof of earnings and bank statements. After the final exam, the bank pays the loan directly to your account and you can purchase your dream vehicle.