8,000 people like this credit

Thousands of people have received a loan with crediter in recent years. And more than 2,000 of them have submitted a credit rating to the independent consumer portal quareviews in the last 12 months alone.

Gold for credit

The special feature: Almost all customers like their loan. And almost all are very satisfied with the service of Crediter. This is the only way to explain the peak value of crediter in terms of customer satisfaction: 4.9 points out of 5.0 speak a clear language.

Where did the credit experience at quareviews come from?

quareviews is a review portal where customers can say what they think about companies and what they offer. Unlike, for example, in a normal forum, but not everyone can write at quareviews. Here only real customers have their say. In the meantime, more than 8,200 reviews have been published on the portal by Crediter customers . So nobody reports “by hearsay”, but all the information comes first-hand – from people who actually have experience with Crediter.

Fast help, friendly service

Anyone who reads quareviews’s crediter rating recognizes that there are many things our customers like about crediter. The quick help in even more complicated cases is just as important as the friendly and personal service. For all questions, there is a direct contact person who will help you quickly. Also very important: With Crediter, there are never any costs. The request is completely free, the individually created credit offer is also.

Gold for credit

Because the customer experience with Crediter is so good, we have been receiving the coveted Gold award at quareviews for many consecutive months. It stands for absolute top performances and is awarded only if the average rating is constant at 4.8 (from 5.0) or higher.

Do you want to try out the tried and tested service of Crediter? Then get your free loan offer here now. They do not make any commitment and do not have to pay a penny in advance. Even with a rejection there are no costs.