4 tips to make your loan request successful – even if others have declined

It is not happiness or coincidence that determines the success of your loan request, but clear, comprehensible criteria – which you can in part influence yourself. We’ll tell you how to get fit for your request and how to give credit to your credit rating before applying for credit.

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When you ask for a loan, the bank is initially interested in two amounts: on the one hand, for the regular income, in particular your salary. And on the other hand for your fixed expenses, for example, for rent, electricity, insurance, etc. Both sums flow into the so-called household bill, which determines the disposable income. So it’s about how much money, after deducting the regular costs, is left over month after month. From this amount, the planned loan installment must be paid.

Improve the budget

There are two things you can do to get a better result in your budget: you can try to increase your income, for example, by spending more hours per week (if the employer plays along) or by taking a part-time job. At the same time you have the opportunity to reduce your costs. For example, switch to a cheaper electricity provider, cancel superfluous insurances, or the subscription in the gym that you’ll never use anyway. The bottom line is that every month you have more money at your disposal. This directly increases your quality of life and also increases your creditworthiness.

Keep your private credit “clean”

With Crediter you can get a loan even with bad private credit. Easier, faster and cheaper, but with a “clean” private credit, you should always strive to avoid negative private credit entries. You can do this by paying bills as punctually as possible and leaving no reminders unanswered. If there are already negative entries, these do not disappear overnight – but after three years at the latest, most of the information is deleted from the private credit. So, the sooner you start collecting new negative features, the faster you will be (again) at the private credit with a “white vest”.

Get your account in order

As part of the credit check, some banks require certain bank statements. This is mostly about the payments received from the employer, so another proof of salary. If other “bad” bookings are visible next to these entrances, this may be the end of your loan request. For example, make sure that no direct debits are returned due to insufficient funds and that no payments to collection agencies appear on your statements.

Conclusion: A few months of “work” on your credit worthwhile

By following our tips step by step, you can significantly increase your chances of getting a loan approval on the next request. Not everything works overnight, in some cases you have to stay on the ball for a few weeks or months. However, the “work” you invest here pays off in the end: in the form of a higher credit rating, better credit opportunities and more favorable financing conditions.